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Kentucky Fried Chicken Coleslaw Recipe

Kentucky Fried Chicken Coleslaw Recipe


300 grams of cabbage
2 piece of carrot
1 cans corn
3 teaspoon vinegar
2 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup mayonais
2 teaspoon salt and pepper

How to make it

  • sliced cabbage must be finely diced.
  • Slice carrots must be finely diced.
  • Open the sweet corn waste water, set aside
  • Combine the vinegar, sugar and salt mix until all is dissolved
  • Input cabbage and carrots into a plastic ziplock mix align and then pour the solution into it, close the meetings allow for 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes, the ingredients will be slightly wilted, drain the waste water into the container, input. Add sweet corn, pepper, salt and mayonaise
  • Stir well, save it in the refrigerator to cool slightly
  • served

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